Fernand Toussaint

Pink and Apricot Roses
Signed oil on canvas
32 x 39 inches
Belgian, 1873-1956

Fernand Toussaint was described by Mario de Monchi as the “The unrivalled master of feminine grace and charm”. Toussaint, became consumed with the desire to describe and interpret elegance and beauty. The feminine form revealing both the sensuous and refined was always evident in his abundance of portraits and genre.

During his early years of studying art he became a pupil of Jean Portaels, an innovative and demanding teacher who attached prime importance to the art of drawing. Three years later he left for Paris where he completed his studies.

Although he was to become synonymous with the study of elegance and portraiture he was very accomplished in other areas of painting such as till life, landscapes and topographical subjects, all of which display his excellent knowledge of line, form, colour and composition.

The essence of his paintings appears through both his selection and interpretation of subject. This relates to all the areas of his studies including his paintings of roses which were his favourite flowers and which permitted him to utilize a more vibrant palate in his compositions.

Patrick and Vivienne Berko’s book on Fernand Toussaint is a visual delight and has helped promote an incredible interest in the artist who has become one of the most collectable Belgian artists.

Exhibited at: Gallery XXth, Lefarne Gallery, Mussee G Charlier in Brussels, Mussee Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique, Museum Vleeshuis in Antwerp.